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Mission House

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Pope John Paul II said, “This world needs saints who wear jeans, who go to the shopping malls, use cell phones” (Letter to artists).

Many Lay-persons in their state of life (married, single) have united themselves to our small community to live their vocation to sanctity that they are called to as Christians, being salt and light to the world, struggling together with those in the consecrated life against the scourges that assault our world today. Where the consecrated religious cannot go, our lay-associates are there announcing the Kingdom, giving testimony to sanctity in their work, families, schools, and leisure environments. They are involved with us in diverse ministries, encounters of evangelization, etc.

It is a fundamental characteristic of the lay state of life to live among the things of the world, and to announce the Gospel and their Christian testimony.

“Lay Catholics are especially called by God to make the Church present and industrious in those places and circumstances where only through them the Church can arrive as salt of the earth” (Pius XI, Encyclical Quadragesimo Anno).

As members of the Franciscans Poor of Jesus Christ they are called to be carriers of charity and hope to all those that they encounter in a situation of profound fragility physically, morally, psychologically, and spiritual; the poor in their multiple faces. “Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me”. (Mt 25, 40).

They are called to be new heralds of evangelization in the world, promoting and working in unity with the members of our community in encounters, seminars, events, retreats, etc.

Through their particular gifts, they are called also to contribute in the work of evangelization through arts (music, dance, theatre, literature); technical work (profession, specialization, manual work, etc.); and of learning (courses, studies, classes, etc.).

Anyone can be a lay-associate who is open to take upon themselves all that the charisma calls for and live according to it. After one year of accompaniment and in accordance with the opinion of those responsible, they will publicly make their entrance into the community, preferably during the celebration of Holy Mass. During three years they will renew their promises each year, and in the fourth year make their definitive adhesion to the Franciscans Poor of Jesus Christ.

Directory of lay associates of The Poor Jesus Christ.