Mission House

Blessed Miguel Pro

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Mission House

‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’

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“To seek Jesus completely and to belong completely to Jesus”. This is the phrase that encompasses and the Charism of the Poor of Jesus Christ. There is in us a profound desire to want Jesus entirely and to belong entirely to him also. The Gospel lived without compromise offers us a secure path by which we can embody His life in our own lives.

We are attracted to Jesus who divested himself of His Divine condition to become poor, humble and a servant without reservations and sacrificed Himself for all of humanity (Phil 2, 6-7). We want the word made man, poor in Bethlehem, anonymous in Nazareth, pilgrim on the streets, abandoned on Golgotha, resurrected by the Father and glorified with Him, we want Jesus who announced that the Kingdom has arrived and is among us, but who also retreated in silence to pray and intercede for men to the Father; Jesus who has life in abundance to give, but who also offered the narrow way of the Cross. The first and only condition we need for this to happen is to respond with complete liberty to His loving invitation.

To belong completely to Him, He calls us to be with Him: “He chose the twelve to be with Him” What it signifies to live with Him, like Him and for Him, is that we reproduce in ourselves His same style of life; chaste, poor and obedient. Only love can make us more like Him. Without love there would only remain rules set forth in heavy paragraphs to be rigidly followed.

This ardent love, constant and absolute for Him is what impels us to completely surrender ourselves. “We love Him because He loved us” (1Jn 4, 19). And oh, how He loved us. Only those who love completely can surrender themselves forever.

The vows of chastity, poverty and obedience are the greatest expression of our love for Him and for His Kingdom, through whom and for whom we generously consecrate ourselves without reservations to the forces of love, and from the desire to possess and free right to dispose of our own life.

Rule of life of the Poor of Jesus Christ, Mission §1-6, 9.